Make Way for Ducklings, part 2

After a good night’s sleep…

Sleep tight!

The ducklings had their first swim! I woke up at my apartment I share with my sister (I’m thinking a family-intro post will be created shortly), and went home to my parents as soon as I could to see our three ducklings and to check if either of the two remaining eggs had made any progress. Unfortunately, no progress is showing but we’re hopeful that they simply aren’t ready to hatch yet because they were laid (lain?) after the others.

When I got to my parents’, Evan, a family friend who was spending the weekend, was carrying one of the ducklings into the kitchen. The sink was filled with an inch or two of warm water, and the ducklings were able to try it out for their first of many swims. We left them in for a couple of minutes before carrying them back into their incubator. They are so tiny, they’re hardly the size of my palm!

A little later, my dad brought home a heat lamp for them and we moved them from the incubator into a Rubbermaid container filled with newspaper strips. That’s where they’re hanging out right now, the three of them crowded together in their water bowl which they managed to spill pretty quickly. They better rest up, they’ll be getting a few visitors today! Looks like any new baby, human or animal, creates the same excitement.


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