The Joys of Summer

I absolutely love summer. I can deal with fall because it’s cozy and there’s football to get you through the long weeks, spring is always so refreshing, and winter means Christmas (but as soon as Christmas is over, winter should be, too). But the best season has always been summer for me.

I live for the days when I can just wake up and have a leisurely breakfast, go for a walk whenever I feel like, and spend the day at my parents’ lounging by the pool, book in hand. After dinner, why not go for an ice cream? Then come home, maybe read a little more, or maybe put a movie on – there’s no hurry to shower and get to bed!

It’s not just the daily activities that I love so much, it’s the sounds, too. As I sit on my parents’ back porch, I hear a neighbor weed-whacking, someone else hammering, birds chirping, dogs barking, the waterfall in my dad’s pond, and every so often when the breeze blows, the wind chimes in the tree. These are the sounds of my summer and have been all my life. It breaks my heart for many reasons to hear my parents talk (not too seriously yet) about selling the house, and one of those reasons is that summers wouldn’t be the same. I know that no matter what house my parents live in, they’d make it a home and make it something special, but this is the only home I’ve known. Does that make any sense?

Thinking back on summers growing up, I remember many summer days at my grandparents’ house (mom’s parents), spending the day with our Nana in the pool in their backyard. We’d often sleep over, just because we wanted to, and spend at least 10 minutes laughing hysterically for no good reason as she put us to bed. That was after my bedtime snack of Oreos and milk, of course. In the mornings, she’d make us breakfast and we’d put our bathing suits on and start the day out at the pool. Sometimes, I’d stay inside for awhile and play with my mom’s old Barbie and Midge and her Barbie Dream House (I loved it!) while my sister watched old cartoons or movies. When it was lunchtime, Nana would make us grilled cheese sandwiches cut into fourths, with chips and mini pickles, or Jimmy Dean sausage sandwiches. After the “necessary” half hour of digestion, it was back to the pool to play mermaids. This always required much discussion before play could even begin; obviously, it was extremely important to go over your entire appearance as a mermaid and your new mermaid name. ” I’m going to be Leslie and my fin is purple at the top and it turns blue at the bottom, and there are sparkles in it. And my ‘bathing suit top’ is yellow, ok?” Then you had to explain who your prince was and what he looked like! Though usually, our princes were our crushes of the moment – JTT for Erin, Troy Aikman for me (clearly I went for older men). Troy was always somehow trapped belowdecks of some ship anchored near my kingdom, and I could see him through the porthole (aka the pool light), where I promised to help him escape. Oh, the fun of childhood imagination and the joys of summer!




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