All in the Family

Because I’m sure they will be featured in a good number of my posts, I thought it would be a good idea to give a quick introduction to some of my family members. Hopefully they don’t mind!

My parents are John and Diane. My dad is a hairdresser who owns his own salon; it’s connected to our house, which used to be his grandmother’s house. His salon was her grocery store, so everything worked out pretty well and I love that our home has always been in our family. It makes me sad to think of my parents someday selling the house and a stranger living in it.

My mom is a dental hygienist, so it was always kind of fun to go to the dentist because my own mom would clean my teeth! She and I are pretty similar in personality – we’re both on the quiet side and we love to read, and we both feel like we belong at the beach. My mom said it best one year when we were at the beach, sitting in the sand after dinner: “My heart is happy here.”

Family Vacation to the beach...the good old days!

I have one sibling – my twin sister Erin. Obviously, we’re fraternal twins, and I don’t think we look anything alike! We were lucky enough to find a beautiful apartment for a very reasonable rate, and within the past year we moved out for the first time. Our apartment is in a great location, in the historic downtown of our city, and we can walk almost everywhere. I love it! One day Erin said to me, “Do people live in apartments forever?” I wish we could!

Me, Erin

With the Nanas before senior prom

Tailgating before Kenny Chesney...Erin, Daddy, and me


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