Book Review – Safe Haven

Safe Haven by Nicholas Sparks

I’m sure I don’t need to explain who Nicholas Sparks is, or describe his type of books – he could be considered a genre of his own. So let’s just get right into the review!

Safe Haven, like most – if not all – Nicholas Sparks novels, takes place in small-town North Carolina. Katie finds herself starting over in the small town of Southport after fleeing a dangerous situation in New England. Living in a small run-down rental, Katie develops a friendship with her next-door neighbor, Jo. In turn, Jo encourages Katie to get to know Alex, the local store-owner and widowed father of two young children. As Katie finds herself growing closer to both Jo and Alex and his family, she realizes that she is emerging from the fear of her past and has difficult decisions to make about her future, and these decisions involve everyone she has grown close to.

It had been a while since I’d read a Nicholas Sparks novel, and I hadn’t planned on reading this one, but I bought it on a whim when I saw it at Target recently. I was having trouble choosing a new read, and figured why not? I didn’t need anything too heavy since I’m busy with school, and this turned out to be a good choice. It wasn’t necessarily my absolute favorite Nicholas Sparks novel, but it had just the right amount of suspense to keep me turning the pages. This surprised me, since I only remember one or two of his previous books having the suspense feel on top of the love story. The story started out alternating between Katie’s perspective and Alex’s, but about halfway through a third character was introduced, which gave the story even more depth. I found myself drawn to the book, wanting to keep reading at every chance I got. I wouldn’t say it’s because of the writing, which I consider to be basic, for lack of a better word. I didn’t put this book down and think to myself, “Wow, that was some impressive writing! I wish I could write like that,” but the book got its job done.



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