Guess How Much!

After months of resisting shopping and spending money on things I don’t need (yes, I do need a weekly happy hour with the girls), I caved yesterday.

Since we both had the day off, my mom and I went to the mall – she wanted to look for some Christmas gifts for my cousins, and I said I’d go along, but I wasn’t planning on buying anything. Isn’t that how it always goes? We went into White House Black Market for my first time (who knows why! This is probably my new favorite store. Beautiful clothes!) and after about a year of searching, I finally found them – the perfect pair of black capris. Let me tell you, I had a pair that I LOVED from Banana Republic (where else?) and I think I wore them to their death. Or maybe they got a little snug… 😦

Here’s where it gets even better. They were on the sale rack! Regular $78.00 – guess how much? $24.99!!!!

I also spotted a pretty black, v-neck sleeveless top with a ruffly collar on the sale rack which I decided to try on. Regular $78.00 – guess how much? $39.99!!!

On top of the sale, (oh yes it does get better) my mom gave me what was left on a gift card she had. I ended up spending $42!!!! Can you believe it?? $42 for a top and pants at White House Black Market!

Too bad I don’t have a fancy Christmas or New Year’s party coming up; I would have loved to try on some of those dresses…


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