Favorites – Christmas Carols

After realizing that it’s equally fun to read lists instead of well-thought-out blog posts, I decided to create my own list. This will be the first of many, I’m sure.

In the spirit of the season, I have to create a list of my favorite Christmas songs. These are in no particular order, but I’m sure once I write them out, I’ll go back and order them. I’ll let you know at the end if that’s the case.

There's No Place Like Home For The Holidays

Christmas Canon – Trans-Siberian Orchestra
This one just came on my pandora station (Dean Martin Holiday) and I’m so happy it did, because I’m pretty sure I would have forgotten it otherwise! How could I forget such a beautiful song? This gives me the coziest feeling inside – a mixture of sitting in church on Christmas Eve right before we light the candles and sing Silent Night; driving with my family and looking at Christmas lights; driving up/down Main Street and watching people walk around enjoying the Christmas lights; and cozy Christmas Eve nights at my parents as a kid.

All I Want For Christmas Is A Real Good Tan – Kenny Chesney
I love Kenny. I love the beach. And it’s true, all I want for Christmas is a good tan. How wonderful would it be to get the heck out of the cold for a couple of weeks and just lounge on the beach, soaking up the sun (starting the day after Christmas, of course)? This song makes me happy every time I hear it. All I have to hear is the first note and I get giddy and smiley before I sing and sway along.

Mistletoe and Holly – Frank Sinatra
Believe it or not, I used to hate Frank Sinatra. This was obviously in my young, I-only-like-fast-music-and-I-don’t-know-any-better days. Whenever my Nana would put on her Sinatra Christmas album, Erin and I would complain and say what a stupid song this was. Eventually, she won us over and now this song is one that I have to hear in order for it to be Christmas. I get a mixture of happiness and sadness when I hear it – happiness at the memories of the Christmas season at my grandmother’s, and sadness at the thought that she’s not here anymore. I’m pretty sure that each time the song comes on, “awwww!” comes out of my mouth.

Jingle Bells – Frank Sinatra or Michael Buble with the Puppini Sisters OR Bing Crosby and the Andrews Sisters
Phew! What a list. I love Frank Sinatra’s version because it’s different (again, hated it as a silly kid) and makes me think of my grandmother. Bing Crosby’s version makes me wish even more that I lived in the 1940s, and just makes me happy but I can’t quite put my finger on what I picture when I hear it. Michael Buble’s version is the PERFECT remake of Bing Crosby’s – so much fun and immediately makes me smile and dance around as I drive. I’ve already gone out of my way driving home just to have extra time to hear the whole song.

White Christmas – The Drifters or Michael Buble with Shania Twain
This song is just too much fun. Of course, I think of Home Alone whenever I hear The Drifters’ version, and Michael Buble did a great remake of it with Shania Twain. Also responsible for a little extra burning of gas that I didn’t need to.

It’s Beginning To Look a Lot Like Christmas – Johnny Mathis
Johnny Mathis’ Christmas albums were a staple  in our house growing up, so almost any Christmas song sung by him is synonymous with Christmas. But this song means Christmas is here, and it brings an instant smile to my face.

Silent Night – Michael Buble or Josh Groban
Both versions are beautiful. I think anytime an artist has a children’s choir singing with them, especially on a song like Silent Night, it instantly becomes a favorite of mine. Silent Night is possibly one of my top 3 favorite Christmas songs, because it makes me feel at peace and it gives me that warm feeling of Christmas Eve service and everyone holding their candles, singing together. I always wanted to cry when it came to that part of the service.

The Christmas Song – Nat King Cole
This should be on everyone’s list.

White Christmas – Bing Crosby
I know I already mentioned White Christmas, but this version is too good to keep off the list.

Blue Christmas – Elvis Presley
First of all, I almost didn’t type “Presley” because if you don’t know who Elvis is, and you need me to tell you his last name, there’s something wrong. Secondly, how could I, my father’s daughter, not have an Elvis song on my list? As with any Elvis song, the first thing I picture when I hear this, is my dad, then a split second later, Elvis. It’s like they’re the same person. But I always think of how happy my dad gets when he hears this song, and that makes me happy.

Sleigh Ride – Boston Pops
This is such a fun song – as my aunt and mom say, it’s like the perfect Christmas shopping song!

There’s No Place Like Home For the Holidays – Perry Como
This song is just too true. Again, another that brings an instant smile to my face and that I often find myself singing along to in the car.

I think that’s all for now – hope you had fun! What are some of your favorites?

Christmas Tree



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