Guess How Much, 2nd Edition

Back in September, I decided I wanted to try boots because I knew they were going to be THE fashion item for the fall, and why not get with the times? So I went to BonTon, which always has a great shoe department, and tried on several pairs of boots. One pair that I tried on, I absolutely loved. They were Ralph Lauren, a beautiful shade of brown/cognac, nice “hardware” on the sides…and $270. I really wanted them but there was no way I could justify spending that much on shoes I wouldn’t be wearing every minute of every day. I settled on two different pairs that were on sale, with a coupon on top of the sale price, so I got a good deal on those. But I still wished I had the Ralph Lauren pair.

On Sunday, my sister needed to stop at BonTon to look at a foundation, and she had a coupon to use, so she told me to look around. I went back to the shoe department and found the Ralph Lauren’s on sale! 30% off! I asked for a pair in my size…they didn’t have it. I was a little heartbroken, but moved on. Yesterday, I made an excuse to go to the mall where another BonTon is, and of course, I checked to see if they had my size…they did! I tried them on, and the sales woman told me she would give me a 20% coupon on top of the sale!

SO…$270 shoes, guess how much?

$135!!!! I have been walking on air, in my boots, since last night!


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