I have to “check-in”, because I feel like I am taking entirely too long to read my current book, Beautiful Creatures. I love Goodreads, and I often like to browse around to find books to add to my pile, or to get an idea of what to expect from a book I’ll be reading soon.

I decided to read Beautiful Creatures after watching a couple students devour it; they snapped it open on their desks at every chance they could, and would often choose reading over socialization, a rare thing in eighth grade. These girls kept telling me how good it was, and that I had to read it.

For about two or three weeks I have been slugging through this book, and I wish I could just get through it already. I don’t even know what to think – I have a feeling I read the reviews and let those sway my opinion. But so far I cannot disagree with what I’ve read on Goodreads…stay tuned. Hopefully I can have a review on here before the end of summer!


Please share your thoughts!

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