Book Review – Save The Date


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As I finished packing to go to the beach, I felt like 7 books wasn’t enough. Two weeks, one book every two days, made sense mathematically, but I needed more choice. So I went to the library and borrowed two more books – Save the Date by Mary Kay Andrews, and another Sarah Addison Allen – Garden Spells. Now I was ready for the beach!

Mary Kay Andrews has been an author that I’ve wanted to read, but just never got around to. I always saw her books at Target (on my regular trips, where I wind up with way more than I went in for!), but never took the plunge to buy them. I could tell that they obviously were more fluff and not quite the literary fiction that I usually like. But, I do go for easy chick lit every so often, and I figured this beach trip was a good time to finally try one of her novels. I ended up with Save the Date because it was one of the few summery ones left at the library, and I have to say that it was a good first read from a new-to-me author.

The novel centers around Cara, a florist with a growing business in Savannah, Georgia. Most of her business comes from weddings, and in Savannah, word of mouth is everything. After several successful jobs, she lands the ultimate wedding – a huge budget, which means a huge paycheck for her, since she will not only be the florist, but the overall planner. This wedding is just what Cara needs to help her pay back the money she owes her strict father, and to establish herself as the florist for weddings in Savannah. It’s not easy, of course. Besides the planning itself, Cara has to worry about her budding romance with a cute contractor, keeping her business safe from a new, relentless rival, and keeping tabs on the flighty bride.

This was a fun read, and I’m so glad I finally started on Mary Kay Andrews. The characters and their problems were pretty realistic, which I appreciated. I have to say that the book was honestly better than I expected, since I went in with a chick-lit-fluff mindset. I found myself drawn in and interested, wanting to read more and more as I got further through the book. It also helped that the chapters weren’t terribly long – I could easily read “just the next chapter” to see what would happen, and find myself through the next five! Once I finished Save the Date, I wanted to see if Andrews’ other books were equally enjoyable, and so I borrowed a second one from the library (review coming soon!). I think that’s a good sign, and I’m glad I found another author this summer that I really enjoyed.

If you’re heading to the beach or the lake, or even to the pool for the last few days of summer, give Save the Date a try. I think, like me, you’ll be pleasantly surprised!


Are there any other authors and/or books you would recommend for summer reading? You know, so I can make my list for next year…or the middle of winter when I need to feel a little sun on my skin! 🙂


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