Reading Update

I know I’ve been absent for a while – school started up again, and I’ve been busy with making sure I have everything ready each day, and basically getting back into a routine. I have to say, so far I feel like I’ve been awesome with sticking to a routine! I’ve been making sure to plan for the next day the night before, pack my lunch, pick my outfit and get to bed at a good time. Let’s all cross our fingers that I can stick to such a productive schedule!

Of course, with school comes less reading time. I had checked out another Beatriz Williams book (The Secret Life of Violet Grant) a couple weeks before school started, and was hardly moving on it. Most of the blame goes to work, obviously, but I also wasn’t as drawn in as I had been with A Hundred Summers and Tiny Little Thing. Finally, this past weekend the book really picked up and I made sure to get to bed extra early every night (7:30…I’m a wacko!) so that I had time to read a good amount. I finally finished the book the other night and was really pleased with it. A review is on its way, I promise! As soon as I finished, I began Rain Reign by Ann M. Martin, which I borrowed from my school library. OH MY GOD. This book was awesome. I read and read and decided I needed to finish it in one night, and did, and my tears would not keep themselves in my eyes. I forced my dog to sleep on the bed (you’re welcome, Jinxy…he had been on the bed, then jumped off,because he’s weird) and could not hug him enough. Lord. Just do yourself a favor and read that book, especially if you’re a dog lover like me. Review forthcoming, too…probably even before The Secret Life of Violet Grant.

Because a blog post is always better with a photo, here’s my little Jinxy:

Jinxy Face.JPG


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