I’m Back!

School’s out for summer, which means I finally have time to just read! I have been on a roll, and it makes me so happy. I’ve already finished two books (one of them was started before school let out, so I guess that doesn’t really count) – Ladies’ Night by Mary Kay Andrews, and The Handmaid’s Tale by Margaret Atwood. Here are my thoughts on Ladies’ Night:

I chose Ladies’ Night because I was in the mood for chick lit, and this was a good choice. Grace has a successful lifestyle blog and is living a dream life as a result. This all comes crashing down when she catches her husband cheating with her assistant in their garage and in a fit of rage, drives his expensive sports car into their pool. Grace ends up moving back in with her mom in her small apartment above the bar she owns, The Sand Box. When she goes to court to finalize the divorce, the judge orders her to see a “divorce coach” because of her “violent tendencies.” Of course, Grace has no desire to attend these sessions, but over time she develops friendships with the others in her group, and they end up extending the sessions with “ladies’ night” at her mom’s bar. Through her new friendships and her work on a fixer-upper she stumbled upon, Grace slowly experiences the healing she needs.

IMG_8123This book was not my favorite by Mary Kay Andrews, and let me tell you the number one reason: GRAMMAR. Oh, my LORD. The mistakes that I saw were atrocious, and it was so obvious that this was cranked out in order to be published in time for summer. Whoever was proofreading did an awful job. I felt like I should be copying some of the paragraphs to use for grammar lessons with my sixth graders. I wish I were joking. These were two within ten or twenty pages of each other that I actually copied down in my GoodReads status update:
“Those was just the accessories.”
“Theirs footsteps echoed in the high-ceilinged rooms”

Let me get off my grammar soapbox and say that aside from that mess, I did enjoy the story overall. It was a fun read, and I did feel compelled to find out what would happen. I was able to predict a lot, but this was an instance where I didn’t really mind; like I said, I picked this book up because I wanted something easy and light, and it fit the bill. If you can look past tear-your-hair-out-in-frustration grammar errors, it may be a good choice for your summer reading, too!


Please share your thoughts!

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